Thankfully Sharing the Good Times

There are many single people who enjoy dating, and they look forward to having new experiences with another person. Sharing the good times is their goal, so they are not necessarily looking for a lifetime companion. Their idea of a good time often involves doing something they would not do alone, and they are looking for someone who shares their sense of adventure when it involves another person. Extreme sports might be their idea of a good time, but it does not necessarily have to be doing daredevil stunts. Some people find adventure in exploring new places, and others find that conversation about controversial topics is their idea of a fun way to spend time with others.

An agreeable companion

People who are not looking for a relationship will still be looking for someone relatively compatible, and an agreeable companion is their goal when asking someone out. They do not want someone who will simply say yes to everything they ask, but they are not looking for someone who will debate them on every little thing. Compatibility on the main issues of life is what they see as a good person to date, and finding that person is their goal. The search is not necessarily difficult, and their loose association makes it easy to move on until they find the person they seek.

Friends first

Many couples in long term relationships have spoken about being friends first, and those who are looking for a relaxing date could be lucky enough to find someone for a lasting relationship. Their search for someone compatible is part of what they should be seeking in a relationship, and their lack of commitment in the beginning does not need to stop them from developing feelings for the other person. As long as both of them are ready for a relationship, it can begin at any time after they become friends.

End of the dates

There are many times when the longevity of a dating relationship is very short, but it is possible for it to last a few years. Both people involved might feel a deep affection for each other, but they will not be able to form a committed relationship if their feelings never go any deeper. If one of them begins developing deep feelings while the other is only affectionate, it is time to think about the end of the dates. Being companionable is nice, but emotional entanglements might cloud the fun of the relationship. Ending it quickly and cleanly will help both of them to move on to the next person.

Dating is generally the search to find someone compatible for a lifelong relationship, but it does not necessarily have to be carved in stone. For those who are looking for someone to accompany them on adventures, a compatible person can be a friend but not a lover. Affection can rule their relationship, but those who develop stronger feelings might endanger their association with serious questions, and leaving them before it gets too serious could be the best way to move on in life.